Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the minimum square footage requirements for a home?
The minimum requirements are as follows: Timberlake - 2500 square feet Crossroad Estates - 3000 square feet Grand Oaks Estates - 4000 square feet Lakeside - 2700 square feet Cross Pointe - 1800 square feet Lake Pointe - 1500 square feet Cross Gate – 1800 square feet Cross Creek Estates – 4000 square feet

2. How long do I have to build once I have purchased a lot?
Once a lot has been purchased there is a two year time period in which to build. This excludes the Cross Pointe and Lake Pointe garden home areas which have no time frame. Please see the deed restrictions for the particular area of interest for more details. This can be found on the website at: Lakeside Architectural Restrictions, Cross Pointe Architectural Restrictions, Timberlake Architectural Restrictions, Crossroad Estates Architectural Restrictions, Lake Pointe Architectural Restrictions, Grand Oaks Estates Architectural Restrictions, Cross Gate Architectural Restrictions, and Cross Creek Estates Architectural Restrictions.

3. Is the development managed by a Property Owners Association (POA or HOA)?
Yes the development is managed by a POA. It is a called The Property Owner's Association at The Crossing. The POA will be responsible for the maintenance of all the common areas, entrances, lakes, trails and park.

4. What are the current dues?
The dues have been established for calendar year 2016 as follows: Timberlake - $575/yr, Lakeside - $595/yr, Grand Oaks Estates - $895/yr, Cross Creek Estates - $1550/yr, Cross Pointe Garden Homes - $120 per month - which includes yard maintenance, Lake Pointe garden homes $130-185/month depending on lot size - includes yard maintenance, Cross Gate garden homes $175-$220/month depending on lot size - includes yard maintenance.

5. What are the utilities provided?
City of Tyler will supply water, sewer and trash removal and Centerpoint is the gas company. The electricity can be supplied by your provider of choice. Suddenlink and ATT will provide phone and cable.

6. How do I reserve a lot in the development?
Stop by our development office in The Offices at The Crossing subdivision 7266 Crosswater, call our office at 903-592-8634, or call Wright Phillips (our realtor) at 903-581-2341 to reserve a lot and setup a personal tour.

7. Is there an approval process for building a home?
Yes, any structure being built must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) before construction can begin. An application must be filled out and submitted to the ACC prior to construction. The application can be found on the website under each subdivision page. The ACC will review and make recommendations.

8. Can I use any builder to build my home or are there just a select few?
There is a list of pre-approved builders for our development. Any builder not on that list must be approved by the developer via an approval process. Contact Mike Werner at 903-539-9634 for more details.

9. Do the garden home communities provide yard maintenance and is it included in the POA dues?
Yes, the POA will handle all yard maintenance for the garden home areas, including the back and side yard. Your dues also covers fertilization, irrigation repair and 4 flats of seasonal flowers per year.

10. Are there certain kinds of fencing allowed?
There are certain restrictions around fencing for each subdivision. Please see the details in the deed restrictions on each subdivision page.

11. Should we be worried about traffic issues in this neighborhood?
The Crossing is designed to keep the traffic on the main roads and away from the subdivision streets. The main roads do not have any houses on them so they can be used as traffic filters.

12. Is there a trail system in The Crossing?
The Crossing will have more than 3 miles of trails when it is completed. Our trail system will connect with the new Legacy Trail in the very near future providing more walking and biking opportunities for all.

13. Are the lakes going to stay the dirty brown color?
The reason the spring-fed lakes are a dirty color is due to the construction going on around them causing dirt and silt to wash into the lake during a rain storm. We have cleared the lakes up with a chemical over a 24-48 hour period. We will periodically do this to keep the water looking clear. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

14. Will the lakes be stocked with fish?
Yes, the lakes will be stocked when construction is complete around them. There is fish in the lakes now and we have a “catch and release” policy.

15. Are there any commercial areas being developed?
Yes, come out to The Market on Three Lakes Parkway for retail shops and restaurants. We also have opened The Offices at The Crossing where you will find residential style offices. We have over 35 acres of commercial land for future development.