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Plans and future projections for The Crossing are subject to change. Renderings and other images are for representation purposes only.

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The Crossing is a thoughtfully planned and expertly executed multi-use residential, commercial, and retail development located along the Old Jacksonville corridor. Every facet of the development has been planned with a deep respect for the natural surroundings, the safety of its residents, and diversity of neighborhoods - making The Crossing the perfect place for your home or business.

Highlights of The Crossing include:
Residential Areas that are distinct in Lot Sizes, Landscaping Features, and Architectural Restrictions. Our currently developed neighborhoods are - Timberlake, Crossroad Estates, Grand Oaks Estates, Lakeside Unit 1, Cross Pointe Garden Homes, and Lake Pointe Garden Homes. Development has started in the new Cross Creek Estates, and Lakeside Unit 2.

Commercial opportunities are plentiful, with areas platted for Professional Office Space, Retail Centers, and Restaurants. The new Three Lakes Parkway is open and includes a traffic signal on Old Jacksonville, opening our new entrance and a convenient new traffic pattern for Crossing homeowners, retailers, and professional service providers.

Our first Retail Center - The Market at The Crossing is completed and filling up with restaurants and new retail shops!

Now is the perfect time to choose your space in The Crossing - whether it be residential, commercial, or retail.
Commercial Timberlake The Market at The Crossing Grand Oaks Estates Grand Oaks Estates Crossroad Estates Crossroad Estates Logo.png Timberlake Lakeside Lakeside Cross Pointe Garden Homes Cross Pointe Garden Homes The Offices Lake Pointe Garden Homes

Need more information? Click here for The Restrictions, and here for the POA Information

Master Plan Cross Creek Estates Lake Pointe Garden Homes