North Lake Estates

North Lake Estates is a residential community coming soon to The Crossing. It offers lots that have been designed with ample width and depth to accommodate large one and two story homes with breath taking lake views. These estate sized lots are located on the North Lake down a dead end street that consists of two cul de sacs for extra privacy. All of the lots are heavily wooded with legacy oaks that make the area a beautiful place to live!

AddressLot #Size (ac)Status
Lot 110.431Sold
Lot 220.396Sold
Lot 330.386Sold
Lot 440.444Sold
Lot 550.794Available
Lot 660.617Sold
Lot 770.424Sold
Lot 880.463Sold
Lot 990.587Sold
Lot 10100.405Sold
Lot 11110.321Sold
Lot 12120.483Available
Lot 13130.500Available
Lot 14140.533Available
Lot 15150.342Sold
Lot 16160.385Sold
Lot 17170.400Sold
Lot 18180.412Sold
Lot 19190.340Sold
Lot 20200.424Available
Lot 21210.466Sold
Lot 22220.421Sold
Lot 23230.436Sold
Lot 24240.392Sold
Lot 25250.442Sold
2962 Northlake Circle260.454Available
2958 Northlake Circle270.519Sold
2954 Northlake Circle280.564Available
2955 Northlake Circle290.638Available
2959 Northlake Circle300.526Available
2963 Northlake Circle310.367Sold
2954 Crosslake Boulevard320.403Available
2931 Northlake Court330.406Available
2935 Northlake Court340.368Available
2939 Northlake Court350.403Available
2944 Northlake Court360.460Available
2940 Northlake Court370.395Available
2936 Northlake Court380.562Available
2932 Northlake Court390.626Available